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This Project is developed in an old industrial warehouse located in the 22@ district, characterized by its combination of uses and its vocation for research and development.

The realization of the project was an evolutionary process, since both the functional program and the architectural solutions were defined and modified over time in close collaboration with the clients.

The main idea of the project arises from the geometric characteristics of the warehouse, a diaphanous space where the void and the industrial character serve as inspiration. The unidirectional slab and its stone appearance make the intentions of the project clear: a suggestive architecture that develops within the neutral volume of the nave.

The functional program cover offices on the mezzanine floor and temporary events and art gallery in the large empty space in the ground floor. The volume suspended under the access works as a set that highlights the scale and dimension of the building.

The original wooden casings were recovered by removing the fireproof coating and replacing it with a transparent varnish. The existing dividing walls were left as they were maintaining the original appearance of the perimeter of the warehouse. Several elements were added seeking a dialogue with its industrial past. The few parts that were introduced – concrete block walls, concrete pavement and steel structure – were aesthetically integrated with the industrial language of the building.


The color palette is very limited: black for a neutral background, the gray scale of cement and red only to highlight the few characteristic elements.