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The building is located on a plot of three facades in Poble Nou. The main challenge of the project was the integration of the new building into the existing urban fabric.

The characteristics of the site (with its three facades and a single dividing wall) and the permitted clearances (two volumes of different heights) facilitated the development of the project.

The Taulat’s façade has a cleaner geometry with a grill made up of large balconies with sliding metal shutters that changes depending on the weather, the seasons or the user’s needs.

For the long façade, a more abstract relationship was chosen between the full and the empty, generating openings of different sizes and proportions that function as a touch of attention on the building.

On the third façade in the upper floors, there is a glazed gallery and a ceramic latticework that belongs to the communication core, which becomes a kind of lighthouse at dusk, letting light escape as if it was a lamp. The building has about 800 m² built and houses 7 apartments with surfaces ranging from 45 to 105 m².

New building