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This housing building is located in a small 150m2 site in the old town of Poblenou. The regulation impose a geometric continuity with the existing buildings through facades with gaps of vertical proportions.

The aim of the project is the facade design. The architectural gaps were highlighted, generating a relationship with the language of the urban environment. The grey stone refers to the traditional Majorcan shutter.

The plinth clad in gray stone throughout the height of the ground floor highlights its importance as an access point to the building and balances the proportions of the façade.

Three simple elements (stone plinth, vertical openings and gray stone next to the balcony windows) establish a face-to-face dialogue with the adjoining buildings.

The building houses an office on the ground floor with direct access to the interior garden, an apartment on the first floor and a duplex that occupies the second and third floors.


In the goal, the dark gray cobblestone pavement works as a stone carpet that gives continuity and widens the narrow sidewalk, generating an almost showcase scenery.

New construction