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This project is located in an old bank branch in Las Ramblas. The distribution was conditioned by the geometry of the premises: a first “tube” 16 m long x 4 m wide that led to a square space of about 11 x 11 m. This arrangement invited us to think of a long bar counter attached to the left in the first section and a 12 m long sofa attached to the right. The aim was ensure that the passage to the back of the premises was not excessively narrow and uncomfortable.

Bartenders work at this bar counter that has different environments and types of food. The 50s with moldings that hide the lighting inspire the design and a powerful geometry based on the presence of marble, iron and wood.

In the back area, the place is transformed into a more popular vermouth environment, emphasized by the presence of industrial furniture. The end of the space is a private room with curved corners and walls covered with a panoramic photo of Barcelona.