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The premises that are the object of this renovation are located in the center of Athens, behind the emblematic Pyrgos Athinon skyscraper (by the architect Ioannis Vikelas, built in 1971), the tallest building in Greece and an architectural landmark in the city.

The commission consisted of the comprehensive renovation of an empty 600 sqm premises to turn it into the headquarters of the technology company M-STAT, a major service provider in the Greek mobile market.

The two main ideas of the project were, on the one hand, to use the corporate color orange as the common thread; and on the other, leaving the facilities seen as a reference to the technological nature of the company. The union of these two concepts materialized in a low ceiling crossed by the entrails of the office: cables, ducts and pipes painted in orange.

Regarding the functional program, it is a updated and modern office, with its bureaus, meeting rooms and departments differentiated depending on the activity to be carried out, but also with recreation areas (ping-pong table), informal meeting points and an open kitchen where workers can meet for breakfast in the morning and lunch at noon.