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The owner, a lover of jazz music, emphasized urban culture and street art as starting points for the interior design.

The proposal responds to the three functions of the premises: café-restaurant, nightclub and concert space.

The treatment of the two party walls was the key to the interior design. The dividing wall on the side of the tables served as a canvas for large works of urban art and a blackboard for the use of customers, while on the side of the bar a green marble coating was chosen. Adjacent to the bar is the box that houses the services: kitchen, storage and bathrooms. This volume clad in wooden slats with incorporated vegetation, makes a transition between the bar area at the entrance and the space reserved for dancing and live music in the background.

Many of the pieces of the project are recycled from materials both from the same work and from others. In this way, the idea of the urban character that we needed for the final result was strengthened.

The specialized work to meet the technical requirements of soundproofing was surely the most difficult part to combine with the interior design.

Restaurant / Club