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The project is an isolated single-family house in Vallfogona del Ripollès, result of a land reclassification for the development of a new urbanization in the center of the town.

The place of intervention in the main referent and it becomes an integration exercise. The idea is realized through the recovery of significant construction materials, elements and details of the local architecture. Following this principle, natural materials from the area were chosen to achieve a journey between traditional architectural details and the aim of keeping a clear reading of a modern project.

The integration with the surroundings is reinforced by the creation of two different facades made by the same petrous origin material. One facade works as a main one, and the other as a dividing wall.

The interior distribution is open and functional where the kitchen has the leading role of the social area that develops on the ground floor. The bedrooms are on the first floor and the balconies as solid volumes allow to have an intimate area to enjoy the views.


Ultimately, a modern farmhouse that aims to claim the architectural memory of the area by taking a careful look at all aspects. 

New construction