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The proposal is based on the integral reform of the existing 172 m2 house and the surrounding garden, whose construction dates to 1975.

All non-bearing partitions are demolished respecting as far as possible the load-bearing walls and the three pillars of concrete, so that the original structure is minimally affected.

In the new distribution, the night area (3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) is located in the southwest bay, while the day area (kitchen, dining room and living room) is located in the northeast corridor, related to the garden and to an open porch on the lower part of the plot, where the pool is located.

The existing roof becomes a flat roof on which a 55m2 rise is proposed. This area houses the secondary program (guest room, bathroom and multipurpose room) and a walkable terrace to enjoy the sea views.

The swimming pool and the two small auxiliary buildings located at the northwest end of the plot are preserved to be used as a storage room and an outdoor barbecue-dining area. Given the slope of the land, the current access route to the house from the street is reconsidered.